Traveling to KCiF from out of town?  Need a place to stay?  Good.  We've got a deal for you from the historic Aladdin Holiday Inn Hotel in downtown Kansas City!  Great hotel, great sponsor of KCiF, great location, you cannot go wrong.  The Aladdin is truly one of a kind, check it out! 

Click here to reserve rooms for September 4-6
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Laugh Local at KCiF:14, September 4-13!  Shows are at the Kick Comedy Theater in Westport our first weekend, Thursday, September 4 - Saturday, September 6!  Shows are at the Off Center Theatre at Crown Center September 12-13!  We are so excited to announce that over half of our troupes are grass fed, homegrown, local troupes that are sourced right here in Kansas City!  Details are in the links to shows on the left, so check them out to find your favorites, including but not limited to the KC Improv Company, Keith Plus One, Disappointing Birthday Party, ComedyCity, Babel Fish and Dog and Friend Dog! 

We can't forget our visiting troupes either, and why the heck would we?  They are AMAZING! 
We are pleased to have performers from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and Oklahoma City at KCiF this year, including Rick Andrews from the Magnet Theater, Twinprov, Baby Wants Candy, and returning once again, SUPEREGO WITH PAUL F. TOMPKINS!  


Applications Now Open for 2014

Applications are open for the 2014 KC Improv Festival, scheduled for the second and third weekends in September. This year, all applications will be accepted through the National Improv Network, where in between Buzzfeed articles and updating your eHarmony profile you can check out other improv festivals in the area and upload your application to the only one that matters. Again, click here, search for the Kansas City Improv Festival page and apply. Please note, to ensure fair play there is a non-refundable submission fee of $15. Check back for the blog for festival updates, a new look and more! 

For technologically challenged friends, the url for the National Improv Network is located below.



You could be RIGHT HERE reserving your tickets for the KC Improv Festival, but you're not. You're reading this. Which means you have questions.

How do I know which shows to see? 
Look to the left. There are short descriptions of each troupe, along with links to their websites and video. You really can't lose—we've got the best troupes in KC and headliners appearing by invitation from cities like Chicago and LA.

Is Jason Sudeikis performing this year? 
He always wants to—it's a chance to reunite with his friends from his ComedyCity days. This summer, his schedule has been "in flux," which means he'll make it if he can. If he does, it'll be the second weekend, and we probably won't know until the last minute. Updated 8/31: We just got news from Jason. As he put it, "Lady Showbiz, and her wily ways, have me under her thumb yet again." What's good news for his career is sad news for us: he won't be at KCIF this year.

So is it OK to wait to buy tickets? 
Probably not. We've got amazing headliners the second weekend, including Paul F. Tompkins with SuperEgo and Second City alums Susan Messing and Timothy Edward Mason (a KC native) will take you on "a joyful, uncensored and improvisers romp through hell."

What about the first weekend? 
OMG THE FIRST WEEKEND. Jill Bernard returns with her one-person unscripted musical Drum Machine, which will blow your mind outta your head and your socks offa your feet. And for the first time Kevin Mullaney (who worked at UCB Theater and iO and trained people who work at places like The Daily Show and 30 Rock) is here with Mullaney Chain, where he invites an improviser and she invites an improviser and so on till they have a kick-butt cast.

Can I bring kids? 
We absolutely recommend bringing kids to our benefit for Seriously Playful on Thursday night. As for the rest of the shows, here's the deal: We shoot for PG-13. There will most likely be adult language and adult situations.

Classes? Can I take classes? 
Of course you can. We have all these smart people here to teach you on purpose. Look to the left and click away.

What else? Shoot us an email at festival@kcimprov.com and we'll answer it. 



The ticket office is OPEN for our first two nights of shows! Want to see Jill Bernard's Drum Machine? The Mullaney Chain? And six other troupes, including performers from Chicago and LA? The best seats are open today. Check our schedule (details on the left) and make your reservations.


Under construction...but almost there.

You'll notice the show schedule at the left. We're still filling in a few blanks, but wanted to get you information about the amazing shows we have going on as soon as possible. Tickets will go on sale VERY, VERY SOON, and the final-final-final schedule should be set by the end of this week.



Show and workshop schedules are official. Tickets will go on sale in early-to-mid-August (you can watch our Facebook page for the heads-up), and registration for classes opens Sunday, August 4. Use the links to the left to go straight to the info.